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Welcome to "Massage Therapists - Athens, Greece"


We consist of a small team of dedicated and experience professionals, who strive to offer state of the art "Therapeutic - Massage Services". We offer a variety of massage treatments, some of which have originated from the west and some that have been practiced for centuries in the far East and S.E. Asia (mainly Thailand).


Through our web pages we will try to inform you about the different techniques which we practice, their benefits and some very important facts which we always have to take under consideration (i.e. precautions and contraindications). We are trained by the very best & we have endless hours of practice and working experience.


We are located at the very center of down-town Athens. One minute walking distance away from the Victoria Subway (metro) station, on "3is Septemvriou" Street. We only accept guests who contact us via our contact form, via email or give us a call a few days before their desired appointment. We DO NOT accept guests who wish to just "walk-in" without an appointment! The reason: "We are a small family-run business and we just simply cannot handle it. That's all".


Please also note that we are not a Spa nor are we affiliated with any local Hotel establishment. All our treatments are carefully customized to beautify the body, nurture the mind and elevate the soul. A total experience that will leave you rejuvenated, invigorated and, above all, relaxed.

Our Services

Select one of our massage treatments and make sure that you read our terms and policies. Read the descriptions, check out our rates and watch some of the videos.

Fill out our contact form and we will reply ASAP. We need a bit of information in order to serve you in the best way possible. You can also contact us by phone.


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