Thai Oil Massage

Magic from SE Asia

A few words about our “Thai Style Oil Massage” treatment


This full-body massage combines skin treatment, releases muscle tension and is considered by the Thais to be a very effective energy massage as well.


The energy lines of your body are activated unblocking the energy from within. This is done by using essential oils applied by smooth movements mainly of the palms and thumbs. Classical Thai pressure techniques are harmoniously integrated in this session.


This therapeutic massage incorporates many techniques, uses moderate to deep pressure and is adapted to the client’s specific needs. Chronic patterns of tension in muscles, tendons and fascia are worked to restore the body’s optimum alignment and suppleness.


We use natural almond oil, enriched with the essential oil of your preference.


* Massage on the face & abdominal area is not included. Massage on the head (apprx. 3 min’) optional. Use of Thai foot massage stick optional.

90′ minutes “Thai Style Oil Massage” – Euro 70.00

120′ minutes “Thai Style Oil Massage” – Euro 85.00

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